In this blog you’re going to learn our top 3 branding mistakes to avoid so you can build your brand in a way that avoids the common branding mistakes that your competitors are making, and creates the right conditions for success with building your brand


Branding has been around for a while, but more and more business owners are starting to wake up to the benefits and impact that branding can have on their business and realize that they need a system, or a person, in place to help them to build that strategy.

Thankfully, there are systems you can put in place to make sure your brand identity and messaging are on point and avoid these most common branding mistakes:

Mistake #1 – No company direction – Our first branding mistake is to attempt to build a brand with no compass or direction, as this really shows in their communications. 

Mistake #2 – Not understanding where customers come from – Understanding your customer’s journey, and their pain points is vitally important. Avoid simply just creating a demographic profile such as Men between 25 and 35 as this is not going far enough. Really driven into the psychographics of your customers such as their attitudes and aspirations so that you can tailor your content accordingly. 

Mistake #3 – Inconsistent brand voice – Brands today have multiple customer touch points available to them. However, within a brand’s marketing team there can be different members of staff on different types of content i.e. website copy, social media images, and brand video. When producing various types of content like this It is important that your branding representatives infuse the tone of voice onto every touch point and then your brand to help build trust with your audience. 


We are in a content-driven world and there is content everywhere. Logos, typography, color pallets, and image styles need to be created. So keeping a positive, consistent, and effective brand building is not easy to do.

Take a minute to review these common branding common mistakes. Does your company make these branding mistakes? If so, then implement a system, process or person to manage the content across each channel will enable you to manage your brand more effectively. Two of the most common ways to avoid the aforementioned branding mistakes are to: 

  1. Set Rules & Create Brand Guidelines  This can be shared with employees and third parties. 
  2. Centralise Assets – With all assets in a single resource, it is easier to access. 

Consistent and effective brand management at scale can be a daunting task, but with the right processes and tools at hand, it is not only possible to manage your brand, but also to connect more meaningfully with customers.