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Our whiteboard animation experts are dedicated to creating & delivering whiteboard animations that inform, educate and (most importantly) connect brands with customers.

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We’re a data-focused design agency helping brands design their whiteboard animations in a purposeful and meaningful way. Dedicated to creating & delivering high quality company whiteboard animation designs that connect clients with customers.


Whiteboard animation services

What we do

We believe that learning and communication should be fun! That’s why we specialise in creating custom whiteboard animations that are not only informative but also visually stimulating and downright enjoyable to watch. Our team works with businesses & brands to provide them with a bespoke creative when creating whiteboard animations.



We’ll take time to research and plan an overall look and feel for how final video will be made.



Once the look and feel has been agreed, we bringing together movement, text, colour, illustrations, music and voice overs for whiteboard animations.



We work with businesses and brand to roll out animation which can be used for websites, social media clips, & online advertisements.

professional whiteboard animations

Creative motion graphics experts

We do this from our agency in Leeds by bringing together movement, text, colour, illustrations, music and voice overs for animation projects which can be used for websites, social media clips, for online advertisements, within product videos, explainer videos and tutorials.

Whiteboard Animations in Leeds

Whiteboard animations for brands

We’re a branding & design company based in Leeds. Our custom whiteboard animation designers make your brand or company come alive through engaging, immersive company whiteboard animations for brands across a range of sectors. Whether you’re looking to explain a complex concept, showcase a new product or service, or simply entertain your viewers, we’ve got you covered.




Our medical whiteboard animations convey messages for scientific, medical, physiological or pharmacologic topics to clearly describe complex concepts.



The visuals are fairly simple and comprehendible to be understood by the audience who are not familiar with the language used. We create explainer videos that break down complex ideas and make them easy to understand



Service and product demos that showcase your products in a visually appealing and informative way. Our whiteboard videos can also boost sales and conversions by improving social shares and clickthrough rates. 



Promote its products/services or when the subject is too complex to be covered through text and requires visualization for proper understanding.



Training videos that teach your audience new skills and concepts. Our education clients use whiteboard animated videos for video marketing allows the video to reach a broader audience, leading to increased brand recognition.

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